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Planning for your Bariatric Surgery

Our weight-loss surgery staff is excited that you are considering bariatric surgery. There are several steps you need to complete to ensure you have the best experience possible. Our goal is to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how this surgery will impact your life and your health and the necessary steps for success.  


Step 1:  Complete our online information session on the homepage of

Questions: For more information call (800) 213-3284. 




Having bariatric surgery means making a dedication to changing your life and your eating and exercise habits. We want to get to know you so we can discuss realistic goals and walk you through every step of the process to ensure the best possible outcome. You will complete your consults with the dietitian and behavioral health coach on the same day.

Your surgical consultation will then be scheduled.


Medical clearances

As with any surgery, patient safety is our top priority. We may ask you to obtain medical clearances per your surgeon’s instructions, and we will assist you in scheduling any necessary clearances. Clearances may include:

  • Cardiac consultation
  • Pulmonary consultation
  • Sleep study
  • Internal medicine consultation


Patient Education workshop

Before your surgery, we will require you to attend a pre-surgical workshop where we will teach you how, when and what to eat during the course of recovery. We can answer any last-minute questions you might have and reinforce our secrets for success.  We will also discuss your recovery time, follow-ups and everything else you can expect post-surgery.


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