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Post-Surgery & Follow-up Visits

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Upon discharge, you will be given your two- and four-week follow-up appointments.


Two Weeks after Surgery

You will be seen in the office for your first postoperative visit by the surgeon and dietitian. You will be weighed, your wounds will be checked, and your questions will be answered. Your surgeon will also evaluate if your diet, as tolerated, can be advanced. 


Four Weeks

At four weeks, you will visit the office for a routine check-up to assess your dietary intake; determine how well your wounds are healing; obtain anthropometrics (body weight, fat mass, fat free mass, circumference around the abdomen and hips); and answer your questions. 

You will also be seen by the nutritionist who will work with you to advance your diet safely. If warranted, you may also see other members of the multidisciplinary team (i.e., psychologist or spiritual counselor). We will also refer you to the Exercise Is Medicine program so you can begin to increase your exercise regimen. 


Three Months

On this visit, you will again be seen for the general assessments described above. You may also participate in the group medical visits for added education and support.


Six and Nine Months

During the six-month and nine-month visits, anthropometric measurements will be obtained (Body Mass Index, body weight, fat mass, lean body mass, circumferences). You must also be seen by the dietitian. Consultations with the psychologist and exercise physiologist are optional and available. 


One Year/Annual Lifetime Office Visits

We need and want to see you annually. We are committed to your health, and we expect you to be committed to your lifelong follow-up care. 

During the yearly visit, you will have a routine follow-up examination, have anthropometrics measured and meet with the surgeon and dietitian. You may be seen 1:1 or in a group medical visit. In addition, lab work may be required for some individuals.



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