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Transition Care Clinics

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What is a Transition Care Clinic?

A Transition Care Clinic (TCC) is a specialized treatment clinic for people with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure. An important resource for patients with chronic disease, the TCC is designed to help prevent readmissions after a recent hospital discharge or return visits to the Emergency Department. Although patients will be seen in the TCC for follow-up appointments following a hospital stay, the clinic does not replace the regular primary care provider. It is a bridge from the hospital stay until the patient stabilizes in the home environment.


How long will a patient go to the Transition Care Clinic?

A patient can be seen in the TCC for up to 30 days.

How does a patient get into the TCC?

Patients can be referred to the TCC by a physician in the hospital, either an Emergency Department physician or a hospitalist, or by their primary care provider. A patient cannot be seen at the TCC without a physician referral.

What services does the patient receive at the TCC?

Patients receive individualized medical care that may include IV diuretic therapy as needed, health education and coaching, nutrition counseling, medication review and reconciliation, and assistance with financial issues.

Who provides the services at the TCC?

The clinic is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and clinical support staff.

Does the patient’s primary care provider know what is happening at the TCC?

Yes. The TCC staff communicates with the patient’s primary care provider to keep him/her up to date on any treatments, medication changes, etc.

Does insurance cover the TCC?

Yes, but plans vary and coverage will need to be verified with individual plans. Self-pay patients are also accepted.

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