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PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

What is PrEP?

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP is a pill used to lower the chances of becoming infected with HIV. PrEP must be taken every day to be helpful. Studies have shown that PrEP lowers the chances of getting HIV from sex by more than 90% when used every day. Among people who inject drugs, PrEP decreases the chances of getting HIV by more than 70% when used every day.

PrEP is suggested by the CDC to people who have very high chances of getting HIV to include:

  • People who have injected drugs in the past six month
  • People who are not in a relationship with someone who only has one partner
  • People who are not in a relationship with someone who recently tested HIV-negative, and is a . . .
    • gay or bisexual man who has had anal sex without using a condom or been diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infection in the past six months, or
    • heterosexual man or woman who does not use condoms during sex with partners who do not know their HIV status and have a high chance of HIV infection (for example, people who inject drugs or women who have bisexual male partners).

Talk to your doctor to see if PrEP is right for you. Click here to learn more.

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