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Caregiver Support

Are you caring for someone with opioid use disorder?

Caregiving can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining, but there is hope.

We are here to help you develop a caregiver action plan. Please contact us at (910) 715-1509.

Join our online support group at
Tuesdays, 11a.m. - noon

Caring for someone with opioid use disorder

Caregiving can leave you feeling stressed, angry and isolated. Due to the stigma our society has placed on opioid use disorder/substance use disorder, users expect people to criticize, insult, belittle and reject them, and caregivers may experience the same feelings.

A loved one with opioid use disorder wants you to know:
- Your love will not change or save me.
- I'm not choosing the drug over you.
- I want to quit.

Help your loved one by:
- Being consistent
- Being predictable in your words, behavior and actions
- Showing love and support by setting healthy boundaries
- Supporting change
- Having a plan


Do you have experience as a parent caregiver? Do you want to help other caregivers?
Join our team by becoming a PALS (Parents of Addicted Loved Ones) facilitator. If interested, contact Stephanie Hoover at (910) 715-1509.

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