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Interventional Pain Medicine

FirstHealth Interventional Pain Medicine centers provides chronic pain sufferers with a thorough evaluation of their problem as well as access to a complete range of pain relief options, including the newest and most advanced treatments.

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FirstHealth understands that chronic, debilitating pain is not easy to live with. Pain can turn an ordinary, day to day task into an immense challenge.


We also understand that pain comes in many forms. In addition to providing treatment for all things thing related to the Back & Neck, we also provide care for other chronic pains such as arthritis, cancer and neurology related pains.


As board-certified anesthesiologists with specialized training in pain management, we strive to use our experience to help determine a patient's source of pain so we can customize a treatment plan. Our goal is stop or reduce pain to the greatest extent possible so that patients can get on with their lives.


A word from brian Thwaites, m.d.

Watch our interview with Brian Thwaites, M.D. on the conditions we treat, procedures and other information about the FirstHealth Intervention Pain Medicine Services.

Need more info? Dr. Thwaites helps answer more questions you may about our FirstHealth Interventional Pain Medicine Center through a podcast episode. Learn about the experts who work a our pain centers, how they approach diagnostic of pain, and the philosophy they have when providing medication for pain.



FirstHealth is here to help manage your pain so you can reclaim your life. Check out these links below for more information on treatments, patient resources, and contact information.



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