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Hospitalist Service

During your stay at a FirstHealth hospital, members of the FirstHealth Hospitalist Service team will take care of you. Hospitalists are doctors who specialize in care for patients who are in the hospital.

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What is a Hospitalist?

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Our hospitalists specialize in internal medicine, pediatrics or neurology, and they will manage every part of your hospital care by:

  • Closely watching your condition
  • Ordering tests and medication
  • Collaborating with medical or surgical specialists for treatment as needed
  • Keeping your own doctor – as well as you and your family – well informed


Hospitalists are in the hospital 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Because hospitalists are in the hospital, they can respond quickly to changes in your condition and take care of the medical needs you may have day or night. Most other doctors – probably including yours – need to spend their time seeing patients in their office. That leaves them with a limited amount of time to care for patients in the hospital, even if their office is just across the street or down the road.


With hospitalists in charge of your care in the hospital, you:

  • Get high-quality care all day, every day
  • See a doctor as often you need to see one
  • Have a doctor in the hospital to talk with you and your family, whenever needed


Your hospitalists will talk regularly with your primary care provider (PCP) and with any other specialists who may be involved in your care. When you are discharged from the hospital, the hospitalist will send a detailed report to your primary care physician describing the treatment you received and any additional treatment you may need. Your primary care physician will be able to see your hospital record and any lab work or other tests you had. 



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