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Grief Resource & Counseling Center

When you lose someone you love, grief can be overwhelming. In the depths of sorrow, it is easy to feel lost and alone. It is not uncommon to be troubled by the emotions of guilt, resentment, despair, confusion, anger and fear. These emotions may be difficult for you to discuss with family or friends. Even with their support, they might not know how to help.

Our grief counselors are specially trained, experienced professionals who offer individual and group counseling. One of our counselors will assess your needs. Then, together, you will decide what type of counseling or other support service will best benefit you. Support groups are available for both children and adults and vary seasonally.

The services of FirstHealth Grief Resource & Counseling Center are open to anyone in the community from children to older adults. We help those who have already suffered a loss, those who are dealing with terminal illness and those who are facing the death of a loved one.

The FirstHealth Grief Resource & Counseling Center periodically sponsors community workshops and other educational programs that are available to the community.





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