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Heart Failure Clinic

Don't skip a beat. Trust the FirstHealth Heart Failure Clinic in Pinehurst to support you through prevention or recovery.

120 Page Road
Pinehurst, NC 28374
(910) 715-8691

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The FirstHealth Heart Failure Clinic utilizes a specialized, patient-centered approach to provide high quality care to patients with congestive heart failure. Our clinic provides a convenient and easy to access cardiology services to help reduce hospital readmissions, emergency room visits and provide continuity of care from the inpatient to outpatient setting. Once a patient is referred to the heart failure clinic, they will undergo an extensive evaluation by a multidisciplinary team and receive appropriate therapeutic options and educational needs that will help them better understand and actively manage their heart failure.

Heart Failure Clinic services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation in both the inpatient and outpatient setting
  • Same day appointments to prevent an emergency room visit or hospitalization
  • Medication reconciliation and education by pharmacy staff
  • Nutrition counseling on low sodium and heart healthy diets
  • Evaluation by a dietician fore complex nutritional issues
  • Social services evaluation as indicated for medication assistance

Meet the Team

Sun Moon Kim, M.D., FACC
Structural Cardiologist
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Lynne Mabe, DNP
Cardiology Nurse Practitioner
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FirstHealth Heart Failure Clinic
Reid Heart Center
120 Page Drive
(910) 715-8691

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


For a referral to the heart failure clinic, please speak with your primary care provider or cardiologist.

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