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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


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EMS ambulances are essentially emergency rooms on wheels. Paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) with special training in trauma and cardiac care staff the ambulances in FirstHealth’s Regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System. Each ambulance is equipped with advanced equipment including 12-lead EKGs to assist with the early recognition of a heart attack. 

Unless time is critical and another hospital is nearer, the EMS crews generally transport patients to the hospital that they or their families choose.

FirstHealth Emergency Medicine physicians are in radio contact with each ambulance crew during emergency rescue and transport missions. This ensures that patients receive expert care en route to the hospital and that the Emergency Department staff is ready to begin treatment the moment they arrive. 

FirstHealth of the Carolinas provides 911 (EMS) for three counties in North Carolina; Chatham, Montgomery and Richmond as well as Chesterfield County, S.C. 

With 50 ambulances and 250 employees, the FirstHealth Regional EMS System is one of the largest ambulance systems in the two Carolinas, covering more than 3,200 square miles. 

The system also includes Medical Transport in Moore County, wheelchair vans in Montgomery and Hoke counties and Critical Care Transport and responds to more than 30,000 calls and transports more than 21,500 patients annually.


FirstHealth EMS Administration (910) 715-1860

Chatham County EMS (919) 542-7377

Chesterfield County EMS (843) 623-5518

Montgomery County EMS (910) 571-5499

Richmond County EMS (910) 895-0955



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