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Mindfulness-based Stress Management

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The Mindfulness-based Stress Management Program is important in whole-person care with the goal of helping patients and their caregivers develop peace of mind. This eight-week program includes meditation and yoga practice for the purpose of learning to be in the present moment – whatever it may be. These tools, when practiced regularly, help cancer patients deal with their diagnosis and treatment challenges. Outcomes reflect significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain severity and frequency, medical symptoms and emotional reactivity as well as significant improvement in quality of life, the ability to concentrate, stress management and getting off “automatic pilot” by being more present. Our board certified clinical nurse specialist in adult psychiatric/mental health nursing leads the program. 







For more information about the Mindfulness-based Stress Management Program, you may contact Elizabeth Manley, MSN, R.N., C.S. at (910) 715-5217.

Elizabeth Manley, MSN, R.N., C.S.

To learn more about Elizabeth Manley, MSN, R.N., C.S., click here.




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