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Roy Jackson: Golfer & Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement patient

| Date Posted: 6/9/2014 | Author: Admin

Nothing keeps former Vass Mayor Roy Jackson away from a good round of golf. At least not an arthritic knee.

But as the pain in his left knee worsened early last year and as turning on what Jackson came to recognize as his “pivot point” became more difficult, his usual two games a week became more of a challenge.

“It was painful to walk and being able to turn,” Jackson says. “I would still play, but it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be.” 

When Jackson began discussing the possibility of joint replacement surgery with his orthopaedic surgeon, John R. Moore IV, M.D., of the FirstHealth Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Center, told him he would “know” when it was time for surgery. “When it felt like it was more than I wanted to put up with, we made a schedule to get it taken care of,” Jackson recalls.

Jackson had his knee replacement surgery at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital on the morning of March 1, 2010, a Monday. By Wednesday, after just a couple of inpatient physical therapy sessions, he went home. After “nine or 10” home physical therapy sessions, Jackson was advised that he didn’t need advanced rehab.

The Sprint retiree has since joined a local gym, where workouts on a stationary bike provide the movement and stress that Dr. Moore suggested for his repaired knee. He does a lot of outdoor work at home, and he and his wife travel in their motor home “when we can afford gas.”

He also gets back on the golf course whenever he has the chance. He’s pleased with his new knee and the pain-free movement it has given him.
“It’s done really well,” Jackson says. “I’ve been well pleased with it. It didn’t help my golf game, but it made it feel better to go out and play.”

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