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Radiation Oncology dressing room improvements

| Date Posted: 8/18/2019

PINEHURST--Patients receiving radiation treatments will soon enjoy more spacious and improved dressing rooms thanks to a series of renovations at FirstHealth Radiation Oncology. The work is part of FirstHealth's effort to improve care and ensure patients and their families are as comfortable as possible while receiving treatments, says Matt Sherer, M

BA, MSHA, administrative director of oncology and clinical trials.

"The renovations to our dressing rooms in radiation oncology are excellent for our patients," Sherer says. The work will increase the total number of dressing rooms from four to six and create separate dressing areas for men and women. When renovations are complete, men and women will each have three dressing rooms that will have seating in each dressing room and a shared common waiting room with televisions for patients and families in all areas.


"Our patients will have more room to dress for their treatments, and it also provides extra space to provide assistance to patients who need help getting dressed," Sherer says.


The project, which began in June, also upgrades the storage area for patient treatment devices such as positioning devices and patient masks that are unique to each patient. "Patients will also benefit from these improvements, because this area will be more efficient and functional," says Sherer. "It will improve our work flow in the department, and that means patients will spend less time before, during and after their treatments."

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