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FirstHealth’s Living Healthy: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

| Date Posted: 4/1/2019

How gratifying would it be to hear that in a matter of just six weeks, energy levels can increase, sleep can become sounder, pain can be mitigated, dietary patterns can improve, and stress could be easier to cope with? 


While it may sound like these outcomes could only be found in a “magic pill,” here’s some good news: for those dealing with a chronic health condition, FirstHealth’s Living Healthy: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) is proven to deliver these improvements to one’s quality of life.


Whether the health condition is lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, anemia or migraines, to more life-altering diagnoses such as diabetes, kidney disease, congestive heart failure or depression, the CDSMP program is available for all patients and caregivers.  Even better news is that this program is now being offered for free across FirstHealth’s service region, allowing everyone access to this life-enhancing opportunity.


Designed as six, two and a half hour workshops, CDSMP helps those dealing with a chronic condition feel more in control over managing their symptoms and less like their symptoms are controlling them.  After attending the series, studies show that participants feel better physically and emotionally, are empowered to do more, and experience freedom from the vicious cycle of symptoms their condition brings.


By learning, applying and practicing an evidence-based set of tools in the form of physical activity, relaxation exercises, problem-solving and communication skills, healthy eating, and sleep, participants are equipped to become better self-managers.  This not only reduces symptoms but builds confidence and increases one’s well-being and ability to engage in roles and activities as desired.  For example, a patient with fibromyalgia who experiences pain – which interferes with sleep, which can lead to stress and so on – can learn to break this cycle with physical activity, mindfulness practices and understanding emotions, making fibromyalgia less of a hindrance on his or her lifestyle.


While thousands of people deal with symptoms of one or more chronic conditions, similarly, there are thousands of people who care for those with chronic conditions.  CDSMP applies to this population as well, empowering caregivers to break free from the symptom cycle they may be experiencing.


No diagnosis is “too big” or “too small” to experience the benefits of the Living Healthy: Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.  By participating, you have nothing to lose, but a whole lot of life to gain!


To learn more, click here or call (888) 534-5333. 


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