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Eric's Weight-loss Journey - Final Story

| Date Posted: 1/9/2017

A year ago, we began to follow Eric Baker, 50-year-old Seven Lakes resident, as he documented his weight-loss surgery journey.

Seventy pounds later, Eric feels better than ever, can do more than ever and is enjoying life more!

Thank you, Eric, for sharing your story with us.


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End of December

Current weight = 190 lbs. 

70 lbs. lost!!


It has been a year since I had sleeve surgery and I feel better then ever. Things are getting back to normal and the easy part is coming to a close.

It is time for me to start tracking my intake to maintain my weight loss. I will also need to take the necessary steps to avoid falling into my previous bad habits. My long term goal is to stay under 200 lbs., and more importantly to stay off the medications that I was taking before surgery.

Everything I learned about this journey still applies: take everything one day at a time and keep everything in perspective.

“Life” stresses do not stop just because you had surgery, but, it is lot easier to deal with them when you are 70 lbs. lighter.  Holiday foods will not disappear because you had surgery, but, feeling better about yourself physically and mentally helps to realize that food is not everything.

Going forward: protein first, lots of water and get up and do some physical activity everyday. 


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