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Eric's Weight-loss Journey - Part Four

| Date Posted: 4/20/2016

Meet Eric Baker, 49-year-old Seven Lakes resident. Listen as Eric talks about his struggle with weight, failed diets and why he opted to have weight-loss surgery here at the FirstHealth Bariatric Center

Join us as we follow Eric on his personal journey - the good, the bad, the ugly and the VERY exciting. 

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  • Weight at first info session (8/18/15) = 260.5 lbs
  • Weight 2 weeks prior to surgery (11/9/15) = 255 lbs
  • Current weight (1/19/16) = 221.5 lbs

I have gotten through the pureed phase and New Years without many issues and I am now onto soft foods. It is great to be eating normal foods again, it does not take much to fill up my new stomach so the plan has remained the same, small meals/snacks an hour at a time and always eat proteins first.  I do not spend as much time measuring as early on in the process but continue to use the same size containers (so I am as close to 6 oz. as possible).  I am still caffeine and diet soda free and I am thinking I may never start those bad habits again.  I also started the Exercise is Medicine program at FirstHealth Fitness and go at least five days a week (alternating between swimming and weights). 



I am pretty much on a regular diet at this point, just not too much at once and not too fast, my rule is 6 oz. an hour.  Trust me, if I get carried away my body will let me know. This whole process has changed my relationship with eating and physical activity in a very positive way.  I have the energy to exercise like when I was in my 20’s and it takes very little to fill me up.  I had a follow-up appointment with my primary care physician to go over my blood work and I am no longer required to take seven prescribed medicines (that I was taking before surgery). I actually stopped taking them the day of surgery, but the blood work confirmed that I am medicine free as long as I keep doing the right things and maintain my healthy lifestyle. 



  • Last recorded weight (2/2/16) = 215.1 lbs.

Everything is on track and this is the best health decision I have ever made. I am wearing clothes that I have not been able to wear in years, and I am getting to the point where I need to buy new clothes, however, I am not the biggest fan of shopping.  I love how lose everything is fitting, but everything is getting a little too lose, you start to look a little ridiculous after a while (but the best kind of ridiculous).  So many of the little aches and pains that used to run me down are now gone, I am sleeping through the night without late night bathroom trips (a result of all the medications I was on, at least that is what I think). 



We had family visit from Florida and this was the first time they have seen me in person since early August and they were pleasantly surprised to see the difference in me.  They wanted to see snow so we took a day trip to Hawksnest Snow Tube Park and we had a great time.  I could really tell the difference from being 45 lbs. lighter, and I was able to move around a lot easier.  I am very much looking forward to taking my new body skiing next winter.  The last time I was on a set of skis I was about 260 lbs. Hopefully by next winter I will be around 180 lbs. (260 lbs. is a lot of wear and tear on your knees and joints, it was actually getting to the point where I could not physically ski anymore).  As far as eating, I eat small meals/snacks throughout the day and drink water between meals and snacks, ALWAYS PROTEIN FIRST.  

This plan works and you need to find out what works for you and stick with it.





  • Last recorded weight (2/29/16) = 210.5 lbs.

My wife and I participated in the Sham-Rock-n-Roll 5K event in Whispering Pines. We actually ran about 1/4 of it and we are looking forward to participating in more activities like this.  When the weather warms up we want to take day trips and take advantage of the many hiking spots that Moore County and North Carolina has to offer.  We traveled to Florida for a long Easter weekend visit with family, which was the first time we have traveled since before my surgery.  I packed a cooler with water, protein shakes, cheese sticks and almonds and I was set for the eight-hour trip. When we stopped for lunch I ate only half of a side salad (I have become a very cheap date).  On the rare occasion when we go out to eat we typically order one entree and share it between the two of us, or if we do order separate entrees I will eat what I can and take the rest home for leftovers.


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