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Leap Babies

| Date Posted: 3/2/2016

Leap Year1.JPG


Leap Year NICU.JPG

While Feb. 29 was the day of birth for these little girls and boys, it will be four years and 2020 before they get to celebrate an actual birthday since each is a 2016 “Leap Baby,” born at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital on various times throughout the day.  Pictured in the first photo with their nurses are (from left) Arianna Wallace with Natalie Neeley, R.N.; Casey Waddell with Joy Hawkins, R.N.; Noah Chriscoe with Brenda Locklear, R.N.; and Romell Gibson with April Feliciano, R.N. Little Camellia Harman, who was photographed separately since she had to spend some time in the hospital’s Clarke Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, is pictured with nurses Kara Oldham, R.N., and Jennifer Boyer, R.N.

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