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Eric's Weight-loss Journey - Part Three

| Date Posted: 3/16/2016

Meet Eric Baker, 49-year-old Seven Lakes resident. Listen as Eric talks about his struggle with weight, failed diets and why he opted to have weight-loss surgery here at the FirstHealth Bariatric Center

Join us as we follow Eric on his personal journey - the good, the bad, the ugly and the VERY exciting. 


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I started on the low-fat creamed soup phase.  I would prepare the soup and run it through a blender to help with digestion.  I stuck with 6 oz. an hour of either soup, a protein shake or a sports drink. My daily goal was the same as before (80 grams of protein and 80 ounces of fluid) and I would rotate depending on what I wanted to drink or eat.  After about three or four days I moved on to some more low-fat creamed soups.  I would place the soup into 6 ounce containers, and when I was ready to eat I would pop a container in the microwave and eat away.

Since I have a “desk” job I was able to return back to work on Dec. 15.  Being back at work was a bit of a challenge, but I just recorded everything that I was doing and made sure I drank and/or ate every hour. It is important to plan ahead and make sure you plan out what you are going to eat a couple days in advance.  We had our Christmas work party at a local eatery and it was a challenge, I asked for a glass of water and a shot glass and sipped my 6 oz an hour.  I also made sure I sat where I could see a TV and watched sports to keep my mind and eyes off of the nachos, wings, fish tacos, etc.  Christmas was not much of a problem, I just treated myself to the soups I enjoyed the most, if I had to get away from a large family meal I would go take a walk. Next up was the pureed phase.





I started the pureed phase, which for me was about the same as the creamed soup phase, it just had more variety and I could add different types of food.  I had brought back some apples from a trip to Pennsylvania in October, and my wife made homemade applesauce. She used some turkey and gravy from Thanksgiving and blended them up and placed them into 6 oz. containers.  

Another favorite was turkey chili without beans, my wife and daughter would eat as usual and I would run 6 oz. through a blender.  At this point I was able to drink or eat 6 oz. quicker then earlier on in the journey.  I never wanted to push it, and trust me your new stomach will let you know when to slow down and take it easy, always listen to what your new stomach is telling you!  

I was also cleared to start working out at the gym and I started swimming laps every other day.  Swimming is a great way to exercise without all the wear and tear on your joints and a good way to wash off the stress of a long day at work. I found that swimming one day and walking the next worked best for me.  

The thing that I have learned in the past month and a half is you have to figure out what works best for you and stick with it, its all about finding a routine.  



This journey gets easier with every passing hour, day, week and month. 


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