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Importance of Summer Camp Physicals

| Date Posted: 6/1/2015



James R. Liffrig, M.D.

by James R. Liffrig, M.D.

Physician, FirstHealth Family Medicine and Medical Director, FirstHealth Convenient Care


Does your child need a physical to attend summer camp? Most summer camps require kids to get a physical before they can attend. FirstHealth is pleased to offer summer camp physicals. We are here to help your child get to camp safely and have a fun summer.


Why are summer camp physicals so important?

These physicals are required by organizations to assure that all kids attending camp are healthy enough to do so. It is also important to ensure that your child is in good physical health to enjoy camp activities like hiking, swimming, canoeing and various other summer sports.


Our goal is to help reduce the risk of potential injury to your child while away from home. We will start by screening for any pre-existing conditions.


For example, a history of ever having asthma is very important, even if your child has not had an issue with asthma for a long time. A child with a history of asthma may still be able to attend camp, but may need to carry an inhaler just in case. It may also be important for camp staff to know about this history, in case your child suddenly requires using his or her inhaler.


Part of your summer camp physical will also include reviewing any ongoing medical conditions. A recently sprained ankle, for example, may limit your child from participating in certain activities. This screening will be important to identify those potential health problems, so they are not made worse, or cause any undo pain and suffering. This screening also becomes a great opportunity to provide tips to prevent the likelihood of injury, re-injury or harm.


What should my child expect during their physical?

At FirstHealth we will:

  • Review your child’s medical history.
  • Ask about any use medications including prescriptions, vitamins or dietary supplements.
  • Perform a general Physical Exam including a check of your child’s heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat.
  • Record height and weight.
  • Check blood pressure, pulse, respirations and oxygen saturation.
  • Test your child’s vision.
  • Test all major joints, strength and flexibility.

Following the physical examination, the doctor will either sign a form from the camp or school provided by the parents allowing the child’s participation in camp or sporting activities, or request a follow-up exam, additional testing, or specific treatment for a medical problem.


Parents are reminded to have any forms required by camps and schools with them and to fill out their portions prior to the visit. Also, make sure your child wears loose clothing the day of their physical.


To find a FirstHealth Family Medicine or Convenient Care location nearest to you, visit or call (800) 213-3284.

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