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Weight-loss Surgery: What our Patients are Saying

| Date Posted: 4/17/2015

We asked a few of our patients, "How has having weight-loss surgery changed your life?" Following are their responses:


It has given me my vigor and vim.  I have the will to conquer the world.  I move around better.  It has empowered me to feel confident in most tasks including being able to play with my grandson.  I travel more.  I no longer have to hide behind my obesity.  I am in control of my life.  It has been a long road, but all well worth it and the results are wonderful.  Thank you to my daughter, family, friends and most of all the FirstHealth Bariatric team for all your help. 

Sheila A. Jones, September 2015


I came off my blood pressure medication after 25 years of having high blood pressure. Now, maybe I can avoid the heart attack or stroke that everyone in my family is destined to have.  Exercise has become a priority.  My joints still hurt, but they are carrying less weight every month.  Maybe I can avoid or put off the knee replacement surgery.  I can enjoy many more activities without getting winded.  I’ve been kayaking and hiking in the mountains this year.  I plan to go zip-lining next month.  I’m enjoying my life.  More and more, I am a participant and not just a spectator.

Sandra Snyder, September 2014


It has changed the way I think about food.  I used to look for the biggest buffet. Now, I eat small amounts several times a day.  I also drink lots of water.

I am 18 months post-surgery and have maintained an 82-pound weight reduction.  I exercise regularly and have gone from seven prescription medicines to one.  I can find “normal” sized clothes easily for the first time in my life!  Weight loss even helped improve my lower joint pain.  I’m glad I did it and would do it again.

J. Mark Rhyne, September 2014


After my surgery I have been able to play with my children more.  I am able to keep up with them, run more chasing them while not getting winded.  I have more energy and better self-esteem.  I sleep better; have fewer headaches, no allergies and less asthma.  My whole world has changed.  I have enjoyed every step, especially the last steps I took to run a whole mile just a few weeks ago.

Cassie L. Cloninger, September 2014


Having surgery has helped with my health issues like high blood pressure and has reduced my joint pain.  I am feeling a lot more confident with my physical appreance and am a much happier person day to day.  I am able to breathe better and sleep better.  I am not always hot and sweaty from minimal tasks in day-to-day life.  I love that I am no longer a slave to food, and if I go out with friends, I am able to share a plate with a friend and actually get full.  I would like to also say that I am glad to have met everyone at Pinehurst Surgical and FirstHealth.  They have been awesome with helping me along my journey.

James Mulholl, September 2014


I am able to get in the floor with my granddaughter and play.  This past weekend, I was able to get on a kiddie ride with my granddaughter and her friend and was able to get out.  I think the Lord for this surgery, because I am not tired by 7 p.m.  I am still going and doing house chores

Cindy Childress, September 2014


It has changed my life very much.  I had a lot of health problems, and my weight was getting out of control and was causing me a lot of discomfort, and it was hard to breathe.  Now, after surgery, my health is improving and I am able to do a lot more than I was able to do before and I feel amazing.  I think having this surgery saved my life in many ways.

Lisa Sexton, September 2014


I was turning 50 and wanted to change my looks and my lifestyle.  I had surgery five months ago before my birthday, and my goal was to “lose 50 pounds by my 50th birthday.”  I was thrilled to meet my goal!  Now, after one year since surgery, I have lost 80 pounds and returned to my newlywed weight.  I recently had blood work done and for the first time in probably 20 years, my cholesterol, triglycerides and other labs were NORMAL!  I am so happy with my body – both its look and its health!!!

Darlene Johnson, September 2014


December 21, 2012, was the last day I had body aches and pains.  I can actually run and walk without slowing down or stopping because I can’t breathe.  People ask me to “slow down.”  I love it and speed up!  : )  I love seeing the “old me” in pictures.  Did I tell you I love to take pictures now!! I never used to take a picture - Ever!!  Thank you, Dr. Washington, for helping me attain quality of life!! : )

Isabel C. Chiha, September 2014


It has given me a second change on life!  I have just begun my weight loss with 40 to 50 pounds gone, and I already feel like a new person!  I have so much energy and love moving around!  I can hardly sit still!  My kids and husband are thrilled with the new me!   My parents, my brother and my friend are amazed and constantly cheering me on with praises!

Beth B. Culberson, September 2014


It has given me my life back and then some.  I am now able to do things that I haven’t been able to do for many years.  I have always had difficulty losing weight.  But during my adolescent years, I found the athlete that was buried inside.  During high school, I was able to maintain my healthy weight.  But college started it all.  I ate and drank too much.  I gained a lot of weight, and it’s continued to go up.  I always loved to exercise, but I had gotten to a point that it was painful, so I gained more weight.  I discovered I have PCOS.  I lost a child and gained more weight.  I finally decided to take charge, and I am so glad I did!

Sherrie P. Brown, September 2014



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