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Danielle Boykin Success Story - Exercise is Medicine

| Date Posted: 7/9/2014 | Author: Ellen Geanes

“Why I chose the gastric sleeve surgery”

Meet Danielle Boykin, FirstHealth Bariatric Center patient

Danielle chose to have the gastric sleeve surgery at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital so she could lose weight, feel healthy, and have the opportunity to play and have fun with her kids in the evenings after work instead of being tired every night after work and just sitting on the couch.

She chose to have the sleeve because of the “shorter recovery period and greater chance of results.”

Danielle’s life before surgery?

“I was tired all the time, didn’t want to play with kids, and I just wanted to sit around and eat and was very depressed.”

Danielle’s life now?

“I am now able to walk every day without being tired. I can swim, exercise and play with my kids in the afternoons.”

To help with additional Weight-loss after surgery.

“I chose to go through the Exercise is Medicine program at FirstHealth because I had some extra weight that I wanted to get off and knew that a trainer at FirstHealth Fitness would be able to help and show me how to do that. It has been a great adventure, I receive exercises that I can do at home from my trainer, and the program is like a support group for me.

What is Exercise is Medicine?

What if there was one medicine so powerful in maintaining and improving health that it could prevent or treat dozens of diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity? There is!

Exercise can treat and prevent many diseases.  Your doctor feels that exercise is so important for your health that he or she may prescribe it during your visit, just as medication or tests might be prescribed.

As a participant in Exercise is Medicine you will meet with an exercise technologist for an initial fitness assessment, goal development, and exercise prescription.  You will also receive a 2-week pass to FirstHealth Fitness to experience new forms of exercise and work with our professionals.  We'll report your participation and progress to your doctor and complete a reassessment after 3-6 months.

Your Exercise is Medicine prescription is FREE.  There are no charges for your visit with the exercise technologist, and your insurance will not be billed.

Talk to your doctor about a prescription to the Exercise is Medicine program at FirstHealth Fitness - Pinehurst and make physical activity part of your life and health care plan.

Call (910) 715-1808 for more information or to schedule an appointment, or click here.

Hear more of Danielle Boykin’s story on our YouTube channel.

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