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Embler Named Bariatric Nurse Education Liaison at MRH

| Date Posted: 4/11/2014

Christi Embler, R.N.

Christi Embler, R.N.

PINEHURST – Christi Embler, R.N., has been a floor nurse on First Surgical, the nursing unit where weight-loss patients are taken after bariatric surgery, for four years. She got interested in FirstHealth's bariatric program after attending a conference and decided she wanted to become more involved.

“I was interested in finding a way to integrate the available information on weight-loss surgery into the care being provided on First Surgical,” she says. “This includes focusing on both patients and staff when providing education and teaching.”

Embler is now the nursing education liaison for the FirstHealth Bariatric Center, a role that involves teaching the nursing staff who provide direct care for weight-loss patients and creating and introducing the necessary educational tools and resources to help provide a positive post-operative surgical experience and hospital stay.

“It is our goal on First Surgical not only to care for the patient, but also to create a positive, enjoyable experience,” Embler says. “Equipping patients with vital tools and resources for a successful recovery is one of the key aspects in obtaining quality outcomes upon discharge.”

Embler earned a B.S. degree in communication with a minor in marketing from Appalachian State University and worked in the marketing industry before deciding to become a nurse. She earned an associate degree in nursing from Sandhills Community College in 2010 and is now working on her bachelor's degree in nursing from ASU.

Since July 2010, Embler has been a registered nurse on First Surgical, where she has worked as a charge nurse, a preceptor to new-graduate and newly hired nurses, and unit education liaison among other duties.

In her new role, she provides ongoing staff training and is currently revamping required testing that outlines the bariatric program while also highlighting aspects of procedure-based patient care.

“We want to create a supportive environment that encourages weight-loss patients and families to become active participants in their care while guiding them along the way,” Embler says.

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