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FirstHealth Launches Web Campaign for Weight-Loss Program

| Date Posted: 1/9/2014

The campaign uses four bariatric marketing tools from Baldwin Publishing 

PINEHURST – FirstHealth of the Carolinas launched a Web campaign this month to build its weight-loss surgery program. The bariatric campaign uses four digital marketing tools from Baldwin Publishing designed to drive traffic to

The hospital’s goal is to encourage potential patients to sign up to learn if bariatric surgery is right for them.

“We hope to provide a wealth of information and support regarding bariatric health, so that patients can make informed choices, discover ways to prepare healthier foods and embrace a healthier lifestyle,” said Melissa Herman, R.D., FirstHealth’s Bariatric Center patient navigator.

The following four bariatric marketing tools have been integrated into the hospital’s bariatric website,

  1. Health eCooking® bariatric video recipes – Every recipe featured on is created by professional chefs, and approved by dietitians to meet post-surgery bariatric dietary requirements.
  2. Interactive bariatric articles – also offers nutrition, fitness and weight-loss libraries filled with articles that educate and motivate Web visitors to maintain a healthy weight. All content is medically reviewed.
  3. Customized bariatric enewsletter – Each issue features FirstHealth’s bariatric medical staff and events. This turnkey email program includes sign-up incentives to help the hospital build subscribers and find new patients.
  4. Bariatric digital cookbook – FirstHealth rewards enewsletter subscribers with a free weight-loss cookbook filled with bariatric recipes. Anyone interested can sign up at

Several years ago, FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital partnered with Pinehurst Surgical to establish a comprehensive bariatric surgical program for the mid-Carolinas. The program offers Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and adjustable gastric band surgical approaches to significant weight loss and maintenance for those suffering from morbid obesity. The FirstHealth Bariatric Center is staffed by an interdisciplinary team and coordinated by a patient navigator and registered dietitian who provide education and support, before and after surgery. 

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