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Patient Rooms Renovated at Richmond Memorial Hospital

| Date Posted: 12/17/2012

RMH Renovations

Forty-six rooms on the 2 Medical nursing unit (including the room pictured above) and eight rooms in Labor & Delivery at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital got new cabinetry, flooring, ceilings and paint during a recent renovation project that took eight months to complete. Several other rooms got new paint and ceiling tiles.

ROCKINGHAM – Recently completed renovations to 54 rooms at FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital have given two different patient care areas a new and updated look.

“I think it looks great, great,” says Bill McCormick, RMH director of Facilities for the past 10 years.

Forty-six rooms on the 2 Medical nursing unit and another eight rooms in Labor & Delivery were renovated over a period of eight months. The renovations were done without any interruption to patient care – either by completing the work in stages or by working in areas not then in use.

Southern Builders of Rockingham was contracted to do all of the work, which in some rooms included replacing cabinetry, installing new ceilings and flooring, and repainting walls. Other rooms received improvements that were more cosmetic in nature including new ceiling tiles and paint jobs.

Flat-screen TVs were installed in all areas.

“The renovations have given these patient care areas a more contemporary look,” says John Jackson, president of Richmond Memorial Hospital. “Some of the rooms had not gotten much more than new paint since the wing was constructed in 1979, so they really needed an update. The changes look great, and we hope they will add to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients and their families.”

FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital is a division of FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital.

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