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MRH Foundation approves more than $130,000 in grants

| Date Posted: 3/14/2011

PINEHURST – The Moore Regional Hospital Foundation Board has approved recent disbursements totaling more than $130,000. The funds will be used to support specific programs and services that directly and indirectly benefit patients and families throughout the region.

Among the disbursements is a Foundation contribution that will support continuing education for the physical therapy staff at Moore Rehab and provide passive range-of-motion equipment for patients who have experienced total knee replacement surgeries. 

The Foundation will also provide $100,000 to the Cancer CARE Fund.

“It is difficult to imagine what it is like to hear that you have cancer,” says Susan Beaty, administrative director of Oncology Services at Moore Regional Hospital. “In addition to trying to cope with the diagnosis emotionally, patients and families must also manage changes to their financial health brought on by treatment expenses and long absences from work. The Cancer CARE Fund is available to help relieve some of these burdens and to give families hope during an uncertain time.”

Since 2000, the Cancer CARE (clinical, advocacy, resources and education) Fund has channeled financial and personal resources to help patients in need. Here are some examples of individuals who have been assisted by the Cancer CARE Fund:

  • A patient undergoing weekly treatment for pancreatic cancer lost weight due to problems with her teeth, but had no money for dental care. 
  • A mother struggling to manage the pain, nausea and fatigue related to her cancer was unable to meet the day-to-day challenges of caring for her small children at home. 
  • A person with esophageal cancer had surgery to remove a portion of his jaw. Now undergoing radiation that leaves painful sores in his mouth, he was unable to fill a prescription for numbing medication because it was so expensive. 

Through no fault of their own, these individuals were unable to care for themselves properly. Ultimately, their conditions worsened, requiring inpatient health services for problems that could have been managed at home with much better outcomes.

“The Cancer CARE Fund isn’t simply about dollars and cents,” says Kathy Milewski, coordinator of the CARE-Net program that matches cancer patients with specially trained volunteers. “Every expenditure represents a person who needs a little extra help. Our patients become like family, and it is our privilege to reach out with a helping hand when they need it most.”

“We take steps to help patients with immediate and specific needs, and we also work to connect them with other services that may offer long-range assistance,” says Beaty.

Funds allocated to the Cancer CARE Fund can be used to assist with the purchase of wigs, to offset the expenses associated with costly medications or nutritional supplements, or even to help cover the cost of transportation to and from treatments and related services. During Fiscal Year 2010, the Cancer CARE Fund assisted more than 500 patients with $104,148 in support.

Funds are primarily used to benefit patients in FirstHealth’s direct service area, which includes Moore, Montgomery, Richmond and Hoke counties. At the discretion of administrators, funds can also be channeled to assist others. Beneficiaries do not have to receive treatment from FirstHealth to qualify for assistance.

For more information on the FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital Foundation or the Cancer CARE Fund, call (910) 695-7500.

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