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Nationally known health psychologist to speak at Zipper Club meeting

| Date Posted: 8/31/2010

Dr. Wayne Sotile

Dr. Wayne Sotile

PINEHURST – Why do some heart patients recover and lead long, active lives while others decline and live like invalids? The answer, according to Dr. Wayne Sotile, may lie in how they choose to deal with the emotional toll of their illness.

A recognized pioneer in the field of health psychology, Dr. Sotile will discuss “Thriving with Heart Disease,” a subject based on his book of the same name, at the Sept. 16 meeting of the Zipper Club at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital.

The Zipper Club is a FirstHealth-sponsored support group for people recovering from open-heart surgery and related procedures. The upcoming meeting is co-sponsored by the Moore Regional Hospital Foundation and will begin at 7 p.m. in Monroe Auditorium in the Moore Regional Hospital Conference Center.

John F. Krahnert, M.D., the cardiothoracic surgeon who started the open-heart program at Moore Regional 20 years ago, will introduce Dr. Sotile.

“All heart patients, but especially those who have had open-heart surgery, are understandably concerned about how their condition and treatment will affect their lives,” Dr. Krahnert says. “Sometimes their attitude may even determine how long they will live and how happy they will be. I look forward to hearing what Dr. Sotile has to say about this phenomenon. I expect he will have some sound advice for anyone dealing with cardiovascular disease as well as for the people who love them.”

A clinical psychologist, Dr. Sotile and his wife, Mary (who is also his partner in practice), have co-authored nine books, including “Thriving with Heart Disease.” He is frequently featured in the international print media and on national television, including appearances on “Good Morning America,” “CBS Morning Show” and “Dateline NBC.”

Educated at Louisiana State University, the University of South Carolina and Duke University Medical Center, Dr. Sotile is a former faculty member at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He currently serves as director of Psychological Services for the Wake Forest University Healthy Exercise and Lifestyles Programs and as a clinical assistant professor at the Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Since 1979, he has served as co-director of Sotile Psychological Associates and Real Talk Inc. in Winston-Salem.

Zipper Club meetings are free and open to the public. For more information on Dr. Sotile’s upcoming presentation or on the Zipper Club, please call (910) 715-1478 or (800) 213-3284 toll-free.

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