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FirstHealth EMS Upgrades Ambulances

| Date Posted: 5/2/2022

Two new ambulances are in service with FirstHealth Lee EMS. The upgraded ambulances replace two older ambulances that were part of the Lee EMS fleet.


The two new ambulances are larger to allow the crew more space to stand and maneuver and provides more storage for critical medical supplies and equipment.


The new ambulances also include stretcher power loaders, an automated feature that allows EMS staff to load a patient safely and efficiently into the ambulance in a matter of seconds at the push of a button.


“FirstHealth Lee EMS is committed to providing the highest quality experience for our patients,” said Tim Simmons, M.Div., paramedic, director of FirstHealth Lee EMS. “The upgraded ambulances equipped with the new electronic loading system are an example of our commitment to delivering the safest care.”

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