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Jenni’s Breast Cancer Journey: We Did It!

| Date Posted: 4/6/2022

Jenni Abbott’s Facebook profile says, “Wife, Mom, Christ-Follower. Lover of Books, Music, Food and Fun.” In early February 2021 the Southern Pines resident added “Breast Cancer Warrior” to her list of roles and accomplishments…and took her friends on family on a virtual breast cancer journey with her. Jenni graciously agreed for FirstHealth of the Carolinas, where she is a patient, to chronicle her journey through a recreation of her social media posts. She offered raw insights about her experience but always infused optimism and faith. This post updates Jenni’s journey after she completed a year of active cancer treatment.


April 5 

We did it, folks! Over a year of active cancer treatments done!! All glory to the One that writes all of our stories - the One who heals, gives, protects and provides! Our tests, afflictions and hardships are used to bring us closer to Him and to give him the glory! WooHoo! Watch as I ring the bell alongside staff members who helped care for me.


April 5

Finally, today, I got to see the whole face of someone that I have come to call my favorite, my friend, and my literal lifesaver. Stephanie, you have been a bright light in a place that could have been dark. You have cared for me, made me laugh, comforted me, listened to me and advocated for me. You are one in a million. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and others at FirstHealth of the Carolinas! 

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