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Digital PET/CT Scanner at FirstHealth Reduces Scan Time

| Date Posted: 12/21/2021

PINEHURST – FirstHealth Outpatient Imaging recently installed a new Canon Cartesion Prime Digital PET/CT scanner, which helps clinicians achieve PET images with improved image quality under a variety of imaging conditions.


Using Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) technology the scanner reduces noise and boosts signal to deliver clear and distinct images. FirstHealth Nuclear Medicine Technician Kerri Fogle said the new Canon scanner is an upgrade from the previous scanner.


“The new digital PET/CT allows us to significantly lower the dose of the radiopharmaceuticals given to the patient, which reduces radiation exposure to both patient and staff,” Fogle said. “There is also a significant reduction in scan time, which decreases patient anxiety and discomfort during the exam.”


A reduction in scan times allows for more patients to be seen daily while reducing patient and physician wait times for critically important exams. The digital scanner also improves image quality.


“With the AiCE technology we can produce high-quality images consistently and routinely, paving the way for improved image quality,” Fogle said.


A PET scan measures body functions, including metabolism, and helps doctors evaluate how the organs and tissues are functioning. It can detect early signs of cancer, heart disease and brain disorders. CT imaging uses X-ray equipment to produce images of soft tissues and bones. Combination PET/CT scans produce 3D images for more accurate diagnoses.


Fogle said the image accuracy of the Cartesion Prime is critically important for clinicians to chart the right course of care for patients.


FirstHealth Outpatient Imaging scanned its first patient with the Cartesion Prime scanner on Nov. 29.

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