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Jenni's Breast Cancer Journey: Toxins, Tears and Triumphs

| Date Posted: 10/21/2021

Jenni Abbott’s Facebook profile says, “Wife, Mom, Christ-Follower. Lover of Books, Music, Food and Fun.” In early February 2021, the Southern Pines resident added “Breast Cancer Warrior” to her list of roles and accomplishments…and took her friends on family on a virtual breast cancer journey with her. Jenni graciously agreed for FirstHealth of the Carolinas, where she is a patient, to chronicle her journey through a recreation of her social media posts. She offered raw insights about her experience but always infused optimism and faith. This is the third of eight blogs about Jenni and her breast cancer experience. Read the first and second blogs here.


March 2

And so it begins...Sid is dropping me off at the cancer center so I can have my first chemotherapy & targeted therapies. It’s gonna be a long day, but I’m confident & prepared.


The Lord has gone before us; He is not surprised by any of this. “I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.” Psalm 59:16


March 10

Update from me...


Chemotherapy is literally toxic medicine given to you to defeat another toxin that is in your body. My, otherwise healthy body, was in complete shock this week.


Headache, rash, body aches, chills, stomach cramps, bloody noses, sore mouth/tongue, itching & scratching all day long. Fitful sleep. Blood pounding in my ears & elevated heart rate. Food tastes weird.


I expected all of these things & more. But to actually experience them and cry out to Jesus to give you peace in the middle of the night is another. 2 Thessalonians 3:16


But, He did. And I am, again, peaceful. Today, I felt a little better. And Lord willing, tomorrow, I’ll feel a little better. Until I feel back to my old self for a few days — and then I’ll do it all over again. Next treatment is March 23.


Thank you is such an understatement for the meals, gifts, flowers, cards, treats and kindness we have experienced from so many. May the Lord bless each & every one of you for the love you have shown. ❤️



March 13

2 mile walk with a new friend (@loreleicolbert #teamlorelei) and a protein shake. I’m calling today a win!  Each morning I wake up and assess how I’m feeling.... and though it’s still surreal and weird and not my old normal, I’ll happily embrace a day like today. Happy weekend, everyone!


March 18

Big day today. Day 17 of 21.


Last night my hair started to release. I would touch my hair and 10-20 strands would come out. So... today, Sid shaved my head in the living room. Mitchell stood close by encouraging me and reminding me that “you still look good, Mom.”


Elly baked cookies & helped sweep up my hair off the floor. My mom sat close by and reminded that I have a beautiful face and hair is just hair. Sidney solidly kissed me and told me he loved me & that I am strong.


It’s super weird. But here we are. And I’ve got the bestest team here with me.


March 23

Chemo #2! Here we goooooooo!


Thankful for my family, my friends & my care team here at FirstHealth Cancer Center!


April 13

Today is HALFWAY!


Chemo sucks -- and I’m not looking forward to experiencing the side effects from these medications again -- but I’m halfway. And according to my doctors, I am cancer free and chemo/radiation/hormone therapy is an insurance policy that every single trace of cancer is gone (and never to return).


God continues to bring me His goodness in the form of friends, family, medical professionals & even strangers. I am thankful & appreciative of everything from everyone!


FirstHealth of the Carolinas offers comprehensive cancer services, including many clinical trials. Learn more about our full range of cancer treatment options.

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