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Jenni's Breast Cancer Journey: Actual Last Day of Chemo, First Walk in a While

| Date Posted: 10/21/2021

Jenni Abbott’s Facebook profile says, “Wife, Mom, Christ-Follower. Lover of Books, Music, Food and Fun.” In early February 2021, the Southern Pines resident added “Breast Cancer Warrior” to her list of roles and accomplishments…and took her friends on family on a virtual breast cancer journey with her. Jenni graciously agreed for FirstHealth of the Carolinas, where she is a patient, to chronicle her journey through a recreation of her social media posts. She offered raw insights about her experience but always infused optimism and faith. This is the sixth of eight blogs about Jenni and her breast cancer experience. Read the first, second, third, fourth and fifth blogs.


June 22

“Your beliefs create your thoughts. Your thoughts generate your feelings. Your feelings affect your body’s healing systems.” - Dr. William Backus


After today, I will only have one more “bad chemo” day. My body is tired & worn out from these meds.


But I will choose thankfulness & gratitude for them. I will believe that each drip, drip, drip of the infusion is attacking & killing the cancer cells. I will remind myself that God is in charge of my care, my life and my joy comes from Him.


“A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body” Proverbs 14:30


“She is clothed in strength & dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25


June 29

Today was my last “bad” chemo! 😃


👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 My treatment plan started out as 4 medications administered every three weeks — a total of six rounds were prescribed. After having an intolerance to one of those meds, they switched my plan.  I ended with eight rounds of treatment over a total of 20 weeks. Seriously, breast cancer has dominated & consumed the first half of 2021!!


I’d love to say that “that’s it!” but it’s not. I still will continue with infusions every three weeks but only 2 medications administered - these are targeted therapies that only go after the HER2+ protein that is found on any remaining cancer cells in my body.


They are considered to be “snipers” because they won’t attack my heathy cells, just take out the bad ones. 🎯 That means, no bad side effects!  I will also start radiation once the kids go back to school. Ugh. 😵‍💫


Today I celebrate this milestone! This step in my survivorship. My specific prayer, lifted in Jesus’ name, is that I will never, ever have cancer cells in my body again. That I am fully restored. That He will use this journey as a testimony for others in need of hope, healing and joy in the struggle.




July 13

No big deal. Just two breast cancer survivors celebrating life!  🥂 Big hugs, @loreleicolbert 🥰


July 28

Went for a walk in the woods with this handsome gentleman this morning… We love Reservoir Park! This was the first time I have walked at the Reservoir since chemo started… Felt really good! I am so thankful, grateful and appreciative for all the special moments with my favorites. ❤️


Research has shown that exercise is not only safe and possible during cancer treatment, but it can improve how well you function physically and your quality of life. Learn more about FirstHealth of the Carolinas’ cancer wellness services.

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