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3-D Mammography Now Available at MRH-Richmond

| Date Posted: 1/19/2021

ROCKINGHAM—FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital (MRH)-Richmond is now offering 3D digital mammography (breast tomosynthesis) to patients in Richmond County and surrounding communities.


Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women, affecting one in every eight women in the United States. As with most cancers, the best way to fight breast cancer is to find it early. FirstHealth is pleased to give patients access to the latest technology to aid in the early detection of breast cancer.


A conventional mammogram creates a two-dimensional image of the breast from two X-ray images of each breast.  By providing 3-D images of the breast, doctors have a clearer view through overlapping breast tissue, which results in a more detailed picture than traditional mammograms, making breast abnormalities easier to see, even in dense tissue.


“Breast tomosynthesis can improve our ability to detect potential breast cancers by helping to pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities, often earlier than with traditional mammography,” said Scott Hees, D.O., board certified radiologist with Moore Regional Hospital-Richmond. “This helps radiologists distinguish harmless structures from tumors, leading to fewer false positives, fewer call-backs and less anxiety for women. This is especially helpful in women with dense breast tissue.”


From the patient’s perspective, very little is different during the actual procedure of a 3D mammogram compared to a 2D mammogram. Most women will experience a similar scan time, but the main difference lies in the superior imaging. 


 “We are excited to offer the wide-angle tomosynthesis unit at MRH-Richmond,” said Stacy Hooks, director of imaging at MRH-Richmond.  “We chose Siemens MAMMOMAT Revelation because the wide-angle technology makes it easier to find even the smallest cancers earlier with greater accuracy.”


For more information about imaging services at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital-Richmond or to make an appointment, visit or call (866) 415-2778.

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