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FAQ: With Opening on the Horizon, FirstHealth Fitness Putting Safety First

| Date Posted: 5/19/2020

FirstHealth Fitness centers have been closed for the last two months due to the spread of COVID-19, but as North Carolina prepares to enter Phase 2 of its reopening plan, the six Fitness locations across the Sandhills are preparing to welcome members. 


New protocols are in place, and safety will be the top priority for both staff and members. Below are some frequently asked questions about how the medically-based centers will once again open their doors. 


When will you open? 
FirstHealth Fitness centers are ready to open safely and will open after the state enters Phase 2 of its reopening plan, which reduces some restrictions on businesses. The centers will reopen with certain restrictions in place that have been established by North Carolina and the FirstHealth of the Carolinas leadership team. 


Will I be charged for the time you were closed? 
No. We will prorate our dues based on the dates centers reopen. 


What if you open and I don't feel safe coming back? 
Your safety is our top priority and we will only reopen if health risks are significantly diminished. At that time, we encourage you to confidently return. However, in this case, you can put your membership on hold with no associated fee for up to 6 months.


Who should I contact if I have a question about my bill? 
Please contact our business office at 910-715-1837 or 910-715-1840.


What if my membership is on hold and I want to come back? 
Contact our business office or the front desk of the center you attend. 


How will you hold group exercise classes? 
We will limit the size of classes according to state restrictions at the time of opening, and we will ensure proper social distancing between participants during classes. Classes will be scheduled to allow for adequate time between to clean equipment, and limit physical contact of participants.


Will my favorite class still be on the schedule? 
That depends. We will start with a limited schedule based on the most popular classes. 


How are you going to maintain social distance parameters? 
We are going to block off and disable equipment in a specific pattern allowing enough room between members. 


Will I still be able to put my keys in the basket at the front? 
No. You will need to keep your keys with you. 


Are staff members going to wear masks? 
Yes, all of our staff members must wear masks. 


Are members going to have to wear masks? 
Members will also be encouraged to wear masks. It will not be a requirement for entry, but we ask that members use their best judgment. 


Are you going to do temperature screenings for access to the facility? 
Yes. Those with a temperature above 100 F will not be permitted access. 


Are you going to control access to the facility for people who show visible symptoms of COVID-19?
Yes. Staff will have the authority to ask members to leave if they are showing active symptoms of COVID-19. 


What should I do if I observe someone who is showing symptoms in the facility? 
Notify an employee immediately. To ensure your own safety, we ask that members allow staff to handle questionable situations. 


How will you ensure social distancing throughout the facility? 
We are marking the floor to ensure there are clear reference points for maintaining proper distance. 


Will I be able to access my favorite equipment? 
Yes. It may take some patience since all equipment will not be available at the same time.  This is to ensure proper social distance.  All areas will be available, including cardio, free weights, strength training, EZ line and performance training.


Are towels available?
Towel service will not be available at this time. Please bring your own towel.


Can I use the water stations?  
The water fountains are turned off, but bottle filling stations are still operating.


Will the basketball court be open?
The basketball court will be open in a limited fashion to make sure that we maintain the gathering guidelines and social distance. You will also notice more use of the basketball court for group fitness, and other activities, so we can make use of the open area.


Will the pool be open?
Yes. According to the CDC, there is no evidence that the virus causing COVID-19 can be spread to people through water in pools and hot tubs.


Can I bring my children to play in the pool?
No. The pool will be open for only lap swimming, physical therapy and aquatic exercise.


Will the whirlpool be open?
Yes, in certain facilities. This is dependent on the size of the whirlpool and the ability to maintain appropriate social distance.


Will the steam room or sauna be open?


Will aquatic group exercise classes be held?
Yes, with proper adherence to gathering limits and social distance parameters.


Will swim lessons be held?"
No. Due to requirements for social distancing and other measures, the swim lesson program is on hold.


Will the kids center be open?
Yes! We will have strict limits according to guidelines and will social distance the best we can.


How long can I keep my children in the kid’s center?
You will be able to keep your kids in the center for a maximum of 1 hour, so that we can serve as many families as possible.


What enhanced cleaning are you doing to make sure we are safe?
We have already deep cleaned and disinfected the facility, and we are adding staff to clean specific high use areas throughout the day. We have increased the number of wipe stations in the facility, and we have added additional signage reminding members of their responsibility to wipe down equipment before and after use. Certain areas of the facility will be closed at certain times of the day for a total cleaning and disinfection.


What else is going to change?
There will no longer be key baskets at any front desk.  The water fountains are turned off, but bottle filling stations are still operating.


Anything else?
All lockers in the Pinehurst facility now use a padlock that the member provides.


About FirstHealth Fitness

Fitness offers six locations in five counties, providing professional resources to support those who choose to pursue good health through a healthy lifestyle.  With programs designed for individuals at all levels of fitness experience, FirstHealth Fitness provides the facilities and knowledge to help each person. 

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