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FirstHealth Physician Group

The FirstHealth Physician Group includes more than 300 physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, perfusionists and dentists focused on providing high-quality, timely, patient-centered care.


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Our Purpose

The FirstHealth Physician Group (FHPG) is comprised of doctors and non-physician practitioners employed by FirstHealth of the Carolinas. It was formed to give its members an effective vehicle to provide excellent care and a rewarding professional home. Organizing FirstHealth providers into a multi-specialty group practice allows its members greater autonomy over their professional lives at a time when it is imperative that physicians lead the redesign of health care. The intent behind the formation of FHPG is to assure its practitioners are more than employees by providing the forum for charting their own destiny within the larger FirstHealth organization.


Success in creating more effective, efficient and patient-centered care requires significant clinician collaboration and coordination. Large multispecialty practices have demonstrated that they outpace smaller practice arrangements in achieving these goals. As payers move to payment for population management (as opposed to fee-for-service reimbursement), multispecialty group practices that are anchored in integrated delivery systems are in a unique position to drive superior results. The formation and development of FHPG is in line with this trend and critical to the execution of strategies that will transform health care and the FirstHealth environment.


Through its governance structure, FHPG is accountable for designing and implementing approaches to patient management across the care continuum. As FHPG matures and its ability to achieve superior results is demonstrated, FHPG increases its control over the professional environment in which its members practice.


Our Compact

FirstHealth Physician Group’s Provider Compact outlines the commitment of physicians, dentists, advanced practice professionals and the overall FirstHealth organization to each other and to the people that we serve. This commitment is paramount in making FirstHealth Physician Group a world-class patient-centered organization. We believe that our success in caring for people is rooted in our goal to consistently provide high-quality, patient-centered care in a practice environment focused on respect, integrity, personal and professional development, excellence and stewardship. To view the full FHPG Provider Compact, click here.

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