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Simulation Training

Nurses must be adequately prepared to care for patients in today’s complex clinical environment, which demands proficiency in assessment, clinical decision-making and the use of advanced technology. Simulation training now plays an increasingly important role in a nurse’s clinical development.

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A new baby girl is about to be born. Mom is doing fine. Everything goes like clockwork, when suddenly the baby’s shoulder becomes obstructed by her mother’s pubic bone, a condition called shoulder dystocia that can lead to serious complications. The Labor & Delivery (L&D) nurses respond instantly, assisting the obstetrician with a flawless set of maneuvers that free the infant. Fortunately, this scenario is a simulation, one that plays out again and again as our L&D teams practice for the expected and the unexpected on a birthing and maternal simulator purchased with funds from the Foundation of FirstHealth. Employing a remarkably lifelike mannequin and Preemie Hal premature infant simulator, these training tools are now a regular part of obstetrical education at FirstHealth Moore Regional. With help from The Foundation, regular practice keeps our L&D teams at the top of their games. 

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 Nurse Education liaison Bonney Barron, R.N., (standing center), leads a training program on shoulder dystocia for members of FirstHealth’s Labor & Delivery nursing team. Barron’s presentation was part of a recent shoulder dystocia drill that incorporated the use of a maternal simulator (at left) provided by The Foundation of FirstHealth.


Simulation equipment can range from full-sized, life-like mannequins — that have a pulse, breathe, blink and change color to mimic workings of the human body — to small body parts, such as an arm on which to practice IV insertion.


The Foundation of FirstHealth is a pioneer in actively supporting such innovations in nursing enrichment. Since 2007, the Foundation has disbursed over $169,000 for a simulation system for outpatient rehabilitation, a neonatal simulator for teaching resuscitation skills, a birthing simulator and a computerized human simulator to allow nurses and FirstHealth Regional EMS paramedics to experience real patient scenarios in a classroom setting. The training benefits are invaluable.


Your donations help us purchase new simulation equipment that helps assure a highly skilled and advanced nursing staff second to none.


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