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Cancer Services

What began with Ruth Lyman Watkins listening to her fellow cancer patients has become a service of loving care for cancer patients provided through The Foundation of FirstHealth.



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Comprehensive Cancer Care at FirstHealth

An estimated 41% of men and women in the United States — nearly 1 in 2 — will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes. Thanks in part to the support of The Foundation, the people of our region have a comprehensive resource to provide the care they need to fight this dreaded disease.

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital leads the battle against cancer in the mid-Carolinas with one of the highest-quality cancer programs in the state. We use the latest research, treatment, advanced technology, quality care and, most importantly, the dedication of our caring staff to fight all stages of cancer. Learn more.

Your generosity helps The Foundation support the advanced cancer services available at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital and the needs of cancer patients from across the region. 




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Ruth Lyman Watkins


Ruth Lyman Watkins played many roles in her life. A successful businesswoman and philanthropist, she was a respected figure in our community. But late in her life, she appeared in what some consider her finest role: cancer patient.

For many months during her treatment, she sat with other patients also fighting cancer. She listened as they shared their dreams with her — dreams of having gas for the car or transportation to the hospital … of being able to afford medications and medical supplies … of having a wig or prosthesis so they could look like themselves again … and of finding a safe, affordable place to stay during weeks of daily treatment. They dreamt of understanding what the doctors were telling them about their disease, of having someone who knew their fears, someone who would listen.

Then Ruth met another group of dreamers at FirstHealth — folks with similar aspirations — and the Cancer CARE Fund was born, the first of many such CARE Funds. Through the leadership and generosity of Ruth Lyman Watkins, and the support of community members like her, The Foundation makes the superb cancer care provided by FirstHealth of the Carolinas accessible to all.



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