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Learn the many ways that the Foundation of FirstHealth meets its mission of philanthropy.

Outcomes like these are made possible by generous contributions from our community and the caring guidance of The Foundation of FirstHealth.

Meeting our mission of philanthropy requires many jobs. The Foundation:

  • Inspires our community to become involved by telling the story of the impact of FirstHealth of the Carolinas in caring for people

  • Conducts programs to raise funds for world-class facilities, equipment, clinical services, patient support and hospitality services and professional development for clinical staff

  • Enables grateful patients and families to “give back” for others in recognition of the care they have received

  • Plans and carries out initiatives to sustain FirstHealth of the Carolinas’ ability to meet the changing health care needs of our region

  • Serves as an umbrella organization for all of the individual foundations in the FirstHealth network

  • Owns and oversees the operation of the Clara McLean House


The Foundation of FirstHealth is the umbrella organization, providing management and support for:

  • FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital Foundation

  • FirstHealth Montgomery Foundation

  • FirstHealth Hospice Foundation

  • Moore Regional Hospital Auxiliary


The questions asked most often about the Foundation of FirstHealth and its impact.


How much money has the Foundation raised?

The Foundation of FirstHealth, Inc., holds one tax exempt number (51- 0191937) and was established as the strategic and policy setting organization for all philanthropic activities of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Inc. The Foundation represents a family of networks that maintain fiduciary responsibility for its endowments and all networks participate in a combined investment committee. The total value of the endowment as of December 1, 2015 was $51,586,528.00

Philanthropy is the backbone of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, since the early days in the 1920s when the community came together to build a hospital to serve this community. Millions of dollars have been reinvested in the health care system from the generous donations of community members through the years and sound financial investment strategy, ensuring that donors’ wishes are maintained through the years through positive growth on those donated dollars.


How does the Foundation decide how to invest the funds it raises?

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees that approves all disbursements to the organization. Each of the Network groups within The Foundation has a separate disbursement policy that sets the parameters for annual distributions ensuring that the funds will be used as the donor wishes (through designated gifts) and as The Foundation by-laws prescribe.


What impact does the Foundation have on health care in the mid-Carolinas region?

The Foundation of FirstHealth has been the catalyst for philanthropy – literally the stepping-stone for our regional medical system that is now among the finest in the region. It is a system paced by innovative thinking and support. It has become one of the finest regional medical systems in the nation.


What is the Foundation’s relationship with FirstHealth of the Carolinas?

The Foundation’s role is to support, through philanthropy, the mission of FirstHealth of the Carolinas, Inc.

FirstHealth is fortunate to have a strong philanthropic heritage. This support continues today through the Foundation of FirstHealth enlisting financial support from the region through our organized networks: Moore Regional Hospital Auxiliary, FirstHealth Hospice Foundation, FirstHealth Montgomery Foundation, FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Foundation and the Clara McLean House Advisory Council.


Does the Foundation own or operate facilities?

The Foundation’s primary role is to provide the philanthropic support for the health care system. The Foundation does own and operate the Clara McLean House, which is a haven of hope, support services and affordable lodging for out-of-town patients, families, caregivers, and so much more. Envisioned, constructed and endowed by The Foundation of FirstHealth, Clara’s House is focused on all the needs of families and caregivers with a loved one in FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital or FirstHealth Hospice. Outpatients also stay with us while they receive treatment.

In addition to providing a caring and affordable place to stay, this unique facility offers a range of patient support and advocacy services. At Clara’s House, hospitality is part of healing. Kindness is our medicine. Learn more.


Is the Foundation just for major donors? Can small donations make a difference?

All donations make a difference in the lives of our patients, for our clinical staff and for the overall access to care for the community.

Our most common types of gifts are tribute gifts (memorials and gifts in honor of) sustaining gifts and planned gifts.

By definition, sustaining gifts are the principal source of “current use” gifts from patients, friends and other constituents.

Therefore, securing funds from individual donations through a strong and consistent sustaining gift program is critical in helping to carry this load of increasing capital needs.

The Scroll Society is often referred to as the cornerstone of the Foundation’s success. Membership is open to friends of the Hospital who give $1,000 each year over a period of 10 years. Gifts can be made quarterly, annually, or the endowed total of $10,000 can be satisfied through a charitable gift annuity or bequest. View the Scroll Society Registry 

Planned gifts are executed through a will or bequest, a planned giving tool such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Trust. Gifts of appreciated assets such as property or stocks can be a valuable tool for a planned gift as well as an outright gift of cash through the sale of the asset.


How can I make a donation?

There are several ways to make a gift – online, through the mail, or by dropping off a donation at The Foundation office at 150 Applecross Road, Pinehurst, NC 28374.


Today is your chance to save a life

Won’t you join with your friends and neighbors in supporting health care in the mid-Carolinas with a generous donation?

Click here to donate online


Who can I talk to about estate planning and making a bequest to FirstHealth in my will?

For information about estate planning, please contact The Foundation office at (910) 695-7500.

Since our inception in 1929, a legacy of giving has been created through bequests and estate gifts. Estate planning techniques became very sophisticated in the 1980s. Through creative mechanisms such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities, the Foundation has grown a very successful planned giving program.

Presently the Foundation manages more than 15 charitable trusts and over 164 charitable gift annuities. This success is made possible through our partnership with the Professional Advisory Council. The “PAC” consists of legal and financial professionals in the community who volunteer their time by facilitating community- wide education sessions, as well as providing their expertise while serving on our various FirstHealth governance committees.


How do I volunteer to help?

If you have a special desire to volunteer as a member of a committee or with one of our many programs and services, please call The Foundation at (910) 695-7500.


Today is your chance to save a life

Won’t you join with your friends and neighbors in supporting health care in the mid-Carolinas with a generous donation?

Click here to donate online.

If you would like discuss different gift options or if you have a special area you would like to support, please call The Foundation at (910) 695-7500 for assistance.





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