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Try small group personal training with Total-Body Resistance Exercise – TRX and Kettle Bells. 


These 30-minute, high-intensity, full-body strength and conditioning workouts are lead by the center’s certified personal trainers. Four to eight people participate, each benefiting from shared cost of personal training, group motivation and individual modifications to maximize results.

TRX workouts use all bodyweight-based exercises. Bodyweight training has become known as the ultimate form of functional fitness, adding an element of instability that demands greater joint stabilization, core strength and muscle endurance.

See the monthly schedule for class times.


Member Cost: Four 30-minute classes $20 
Drop-in Fee: $5 per class or $4 or 8 punch card
Unlimited Pass: $50
Non-member: Class fee plus guest fee

For more information or to register call (910) 715-1800.

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