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Wellness Coaching

The knowledge and information about being healthy is all around us, yet achieving good health is much easier said than done.  This is where wellness coaching can make a difference!Wellness coaching is both a partnership and a process to set goals, prioritize what matters most, and help you to follow through.  The wellness coaching process will build confidence in your ability to make changes and create new healthy habits.  A partnership with a coach provides structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration that enables the client to learn, grow and develop beyond what he or she can do alone.


Wellness coaching can be done either in person or by telephone. Telephone coaching gives flexibility as it is not restricted by geography or office hours.  You can ‘meet’ during your lunch hour at work or while the baby is taking a nap. Coaching over the phone is very effective because listening is the cornerstone of coaching.  A lack of visual cues often frees people from stereotypes so many people feel they can express themselves more freely on the telephone.  If visual contact is preferred, or the accountability of going to a meeting is better for you,  in-person sessions are available.

Wellness Coaching Starter Package 
*For those of you new to wellness coaching.  (Must complete within six weeks.)
$150 (One 60-min initial and four 30-min weekly ongoing sessions)

Wellness Coaching Momentum Package 
*For those of you who have completed a starter package.  (Must complete within six months.)
$120 (Six 30-min ongoing sessions)

Individual Ongoing Session Rates 
*Individual ongoing sessions can be purchased after completing a starter package.
30 min - $25
60 min - $50/55

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