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Parent/Child Swim Classes

Our 89 degree pool temperature will make your child’s introduction to basic pool safety skills a wonderful aquatic experience. An adult is required to participate in this 3-session course with their infant or toddler as they are taught correct water acclimating techniques and general water safety.

Classes are $29 for members and $37 for the community. We offer:

Parent & Infant /Toddler Aquatics - Ages 6 months to 36 months
  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Tuesday Evening 5:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m.
Registration Class Dates    

Dec 17-Jan 4
Jan 28-Feb 1
Feb 25-March 1
March 18- 22
April 15-19
May 13-17
June 10-14
July  1-5
July 29-August 2
August 26-30
September 23-27
October 21-25
November 18-22

January 7-26
February 4-23
March 4-23
March 25-April 13
April 22-May 11
May 20-June 8
June 17-June 27**
July 8-25
August 5-22
September 3-19*
September 30-October 19
October 28-November 15
November 25-December 14


Skills taught at each level (included but not limited to):
1 – Getting wet with toys and kicking, Blowing bubbles with mouth and nose submerged, Passing from instructor to parent Underwater exploration, Front and back floats and glides, Roll from front to back and back to front,  Leg actions on front and back
2 – Using the side of the pool and a ladder to exit,  Passing between adults, Front glide to the wall, Opening eyes and retrieving submerged objects, Bobbing, Front and back floats and glides, Alternating or simultaneous arm and leg actions on front and back
3 – Blowing bubbles through mouth and nose, Submerging mouth, nose and eyes, Front and back glide and recover to a vertical position, Roll from front to back and back to front, Combined arm and leg actions on front and back, Treading with arm and hand actions

How to Register:
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2.) Click on Member/Guest Access
3.) Click on Forgot Password/Create Login if you are a Member

Our members have an opportunity to pre-register for classes before registration is open to the public. This may limit the availability of open spaces per class when open registration begins. If you find your class preferences are full, we will do the best we can to add or change classes to accommodate those on a waiting list.

For assistance please call Corrie Dodds at (910) 715-1841