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Jan Norris


The clinical coordinator for the FirstHealth Bariatric Center, Jan Norris developed a passion for bariatrics after joining Pinehurst Surgical in 2006. In the role of clinical coordinator, she serves as a patient advocate for the program. Her personal experience as a bariatric surgery patient, her professional knowledge and her friendly personality provide the perfect combination for developing a trusting long-term relationship with patients.

Jan handles the clinical coordination of patients, surgeries and insurance. She also works closely with our bariatric surgeons, nursing staff, hospital staff, psychologists, nutritionists, referring physicians and primary care providers to ensure the best possible continuity of care for our patients. As the clinical coordinator, she navigates pre-operative patients through the pre-operative clearance process from seminar to surgery that includes assessing the candidacy of patients for bariatric surgery, reviewing medical history, initiating referrals and scheduling appointments for all pre-operative clearances. She also coordinates insurance benefits, obtains prior authorizations and appeal denials, and plans and coordinates surgery schedules for both surgeons. In addition, she maintains and reports on multiple Excel spreadsheet databases.

Jan’s clinical role includes pre- and post-operative education, medication reconciliation, the monitoring of lab results for abnormalities and deficiencies, post-op patient triage, patient mentoring, scheduling of appointments, procedures & diagnostic testing, scribing, orders, charges and coding. She also educates the clinical support staff.