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Clara McLean House

Volunteers play a vital role in delivering our many services.  But as guests tell us again and again, they do far more.  Our volunteers provide the warm smiles, caring hearts and responsive assistance that make Clara’s House such a welcoming place for everyone who comes here.  When you need someone to talk to, they’re here for you.  And they are some of the best listeners you will ever meet.

By choosing to serve in this special setting, our volunteers help take FirstHealth’s core purpose – to care for people – to a whole new dimension.

For a listing of volunteer opportunities at the Clara McLean House, click here.


Clara's House Newsletters

We invite you to learn more about our volunteers and the time and talents they dedicate to the mission of FirstHealth and the Clara McLean House.  Read more in the newsletters below.



Spring 2020

Photos of Our Volunteers

VOLUNTEERS bob%20bahner%20chopping.jpg

 Bob Bahner, M.D.

VOLUNTEERS JoAn%20and%20grinch.jpg

JoAn Moses and The Grinch

VOLUNTEERS Lydia,%20Terri,%20Kathy.jpg

Lydia Healy, Terri Birkhauser and Kathy Lannon

VOLUNTEERS Kathy%20and%20Lydia%20decorate%20tree.jpg

Kathy Lannon and Lydia Healy decorate the tree

VOLUNTEERS Teresa%20and%20Nancy%20at%20work.jpg

Teresa Hessler and Nancy Schmidt

VOLUNTEERS Mary%20and%20Joel%20snow%20village.jpg

Mary Gehrig and Joel Rich

VOLUNTEERS Debbie%20and%20Hailey%20in%20pantry.jpg

Debbie McGahey and granddaughter, Hailey

VOLUNTEERS Teresa%20H,%20Sandi%20S,%20Kathy%20O.jpg

Teresa Hessler, Kathy O'Donnell and Sandi Shriberg


The Clara McLean House and its programs and services are funded through The Foundation of FirstHealth, guest donations and community support. 


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