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Clara McLean House

June 2016


Miracle places really do exist.


Jason, Maryland



Please know how much your generosity and hospitality are appreciated by my husband and me. What a beautiful, inviting and very comfortable respite you have provided in an otherwise unwelcomed event.


Tanya, Cheraw, SC



May 2016


Thank you so much for such a beautiful home away from home for me and my family to stay during my chemo treatments. Genuine care and love are very much appreciated as it makes bad times a whole lot better.


Barbara, Autryville, NC



May 2016


Sometimes the thanks are too big for words.


Family of E., SC


June 2016


I felt such peace with the time I spent here. The lovely Healing Garden gave me inner peace in the difficult and stressful time I was going through with my husband being so critical. It took all of the worries away about a place to stay to be near him. I appreciate all the staff for the compassion. My sisters and I were treated with the utmost kindness and respect.


Amanda, Cabarrus County



July 2016


To all who work and volunteer at the Clara McLean House, I cannot thank you all enough for the service that you provide to families and individuals who need a place to stay while caring for their loved ones away from home. The house is truly a second home and the staff and volunteers are now our second family. You all welcomed us with open arms from the very start.


Timothy, Cumberland County



July 2016


I would like to say thank you for all the care and love that I experienced while I stayed here. This house is made of love. Thank you.


Bill, NY



November 2016


As our mother was rushed to the hospital, my sister and I rushed from Florida and NY to her side. Clara McLean House was an answer to prayer. The house and gardens are stunningly beautiful and the hospitality is equally outstanding.


Felicia, Florida



February 2017


Best part of stay: between financial relief and with drive being so long away. Knowing we were able to see him so much without the strain of financial burden was the best part.


We were completely disarmed and overwhelmed by the generosity and hospitality of the Clara McLean House and their staff during our time at Moore Regional Hospital. Our son was born prematurely at 3 pounds 3 ounces and we were told post-birth that he was being tested for Down Syndrome. During one of the most terrifying, and stressful times in our lives we were so blessed with the opportunity to stay close to our son and be right there for every step of his care.


The financial burden of a long drive or an expensive hotel stay was lifted. We were asked what we could afford and that was exactly what we paid, no questions, no pressure to pay more. I can't begin to describe the weight that was lifted at that moment.


The staff was beyond welcoming. They were respectful of our need for quiet moments, and made us feel like we'd been friends for years when we needed company.


I ran into many people, facing many different medical needs, all of which felt the same shock and appreciation for all that the Clara McLean House was doing for them.


Amber, Lee County


February 2017


Thank you for giving me a home away from home during my treatments. This has been a wonderful place with wonderful people.


Mary, Hoke County



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