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Clara McLean House


Much thanks to the Clara McLean House and staff for having a place for families like ours to stay during this time of difficulty. We would not have been able to stay with our family member and provided the support he needed for healing and care.  Thanks to all the staff for making our stay restful and like ‘home.’  We pray God will continue to provide all the needs for this house to continue services.  

God Bless and In Appreciation of Ms. Clara McLean! 

Pembroke, NC




Thank you thank you thank you so much.  The Clara McLean Home will forever be in my memory as my port in a storm.  My experience has been wonderful.  I could never imagine such caring and hospitable people.  The Clara McLean House is much more than a house, I felt as though I was at home.  Thank you, everyone and a special thanks to Cathy.  You were that ear, when I needed it.  May God forever bless the Clara McLean Home and all who help make it the special place it is.  

With love and appreciation, 





This house is an absolute blessing!!  We felt such comfort and peace being here, and it helped us to be able to offer peace and comfort to our daughter in the hospital.  Thanks a million times over.

Margie and Peter 




What a wonderful experience.  Like home away from home.  We thank the staff for your kind and wonderful hospitality!  May God continue to bless and keep you. You make a difference!


Nathaniel and Blanchie 




This is absolutely a wonderful and magical place.  Thank you so much to the staff and especially the volunteers.  You truly make this a home away form home so that we could concentrate on other life matters.  This place is an inspiration.

God Bless!






Food for the soul!  Comfort when not expected and humbled that it’s done without effort or reciprocation needed.  God bless this house and all who opens and closes it for us. Staff is like family.  

A friend





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