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Clinically Aligned Network


Introducing Clinical Alignment

Providers, in collaboration with FirstHealth of the Carolinas, have developed a Clinically Aligned Network (CAN) to improve quality and efficiency and create opportunities for value-based reimbursement from commercial payers and self-funded employers’ insurance plans. This CAN initiative is provider-driven, provider-led and provider-managed. In its most basic structure, a CAN is a network of providers working in collaboration with hospitals. The network establishes a quality program encompassing clinical initiatives that are developed and managed by providers to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care and is supported by a management and IT infrastructure. If developed in compliance with direction from the FTC, the CAN establishes a legal basis for collective negotiation of value based contracts by otherwise independent providers, opening up opportunities for improved reimbursement on the basis of clinical outcomes, quality and efficiency. HealthNC+ includes both independent and employed providers working collaboratively, sharing data and holding each other accountable for performance against agreed-upon standards.


Who Benefits?

Simply put, everyone can benefit from this approach to health care delivery.

PATIENTS: Patients receive greater consistency of high-quality care delivered from a trusted source – their provider – through better and more efficient communication between both providers and patients.

PROVIDERS: You can demonstrate quality and efficiency to patients, payers and employers and enter into provider directed, value-based arrangements with health plans in a way that financially recognizes your efforts.

HOSPITALS: A hospital will be able to develop more collaborative relationships with its medical staff, enlist provider support for quality initiatives and position itself at an advantage in the market on the basis of quality.




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