FirstHealth of the Carolinas

FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital Transfer Center
Features & Benefits

Feature  Benefit
One number to call Easier, faster transfer decision/resolution
Expedited disposition      No “call-backs”; no long waiting on hold
Physician-to-Physician communication   Clear, accurate clinical information and  planning = efficient, effective treatment upon admission
24/7 service  Transfers when they are needed; not necessary to facilitate during peak rounds, etc.
Recorded calls Accurate record of everything discussed in   the call; reduces opportunity for error
EMS Staffing  The Transfer Center is staffed by EMS personnel highly skilled in facilitating hospital-to-hospital transfer and transport; efficient transportation
EMTALA-compliant  Eliminates risk of non-compliant transfers
Hospitalist oversight    Quality control of the program is provided by the hospital medicine/operations specialists; hospitalists available 24/7 for service issues and immediate complaint resolution
Other hospital options In the rare event that a FirstHealth facility cannot take the transfer, the Transfer Center staff will facilitate patient transfer to a facility that can admit the patient



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