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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Is your world spinning?

  • Do you experience dizziness when rolling over in bed, bending to tie your shoe laces or making a quick turn?
  • Do you fear falling because of dizziness or feel as if things are spinning around you?
  • Do certain head movements make you feel nauseated?

These may be symptoms of vertigo. The most common cause of dizziness over the age of 30 is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

The exact cause is unknown, but is associated wit problems of the vestibular system in the inner ear. The primary characteristic is a sense of “spinning” with change in head position.

After you evaluated by your doctor to rule out other causes of dizziness, a referral to physical therapy may be the next step in your treatment plan.

One of our physical therapists with specialized training in vestibular rehabilitation will evaluate you and design a program to help treat your symptoms of dizziness. Your therapist will guide you in exercises that challenge your vestibular system, and provide education in home exercise program, that is key to your recovery.

Let the therapists at FirstHealth Rehabilitation help “stop the spinning”. Talk to your doctor about whether therapy may help you.

For more information on FirstHealth Outpatient Rehabilitation or Vestibular Rehabilitation services, call (910) 715-1600.

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