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Inpatient Rehab

FirstHealth Inpatient Rehabilitation consistently ranks among the top rehabilitation facilities in both the region and nation for the percentage of patients who are able to return home after receiving rehabilitation services.

How much do patients improve?

Staff members at FirstHealth Inpatient Rehabilitation follow their patients closely as they improve. The facility is fully credentialed by UDSMR, which provides a report that compares our performance with other inpatient rehabilitation centers in the nation.

Inpatient rehabilitation hospitals must meet certain requirements that are not mandatory in other settings such as nursing homes. These differences set hospital inpatient rehab apart from other rehab options.

Everyone considered for admission must be able to tolerate a minimum of three hours of therapy per day; need two out of three therapies that are offered (PT, OT and SLP); must have potential for improvement; and must have an identified caregiver or planned community destination following completion of program.

For more information on FirstHealth Inpatient Rehabilitation call (910) 715-1600.

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