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Nancy McCormick
Nancy McCormick

Nancy McCormick

Nancy McCormick was in the hospital for five weeks after complications interfered with her recovery from mitral valve replacement surgery. When she was discharged, FirstHealth Home Care equipped her home with a telehealth system that was especially helpful for monitoring her heart rate, “which was a problem for me,” she says, and blood pressure.

“I took full use of it, and it worked out very well,” Mrs. McCormick says. “If there was any problem, they always called. I found the monitoring system very good for my particular problem.”

If a Home Care nurse happened to be with her when it was time to send in her vital information, the nurse did it. Otherwise, Mrs. McCormick did it herself.

“It wasn’t hard to do it myself,” she says. “They instructed me in how to do it.”

Tim Kovar
Tim Kovar

Tim Kovar
After extensive surgery for recurrent skin cancers, Tim Kovar developed large wounds on both of his legs and eventually found himself back in the hospital.

When he was able to return home, FirstHealth Home Care installed a telehealth system for monitoring his vital health information.

“Every day, I phoned in all my vitals through the telehealth system,” he says. “They noted it and checked it against the previous. If there were variations, they called me.”

According to Kovar, who was “pretty handicapped” by the wounds on his legs, having the telehealth system gave him “confidence and reliability.”

“I knew somebody was keeping tabs on me,” he says. “And I knew if anything went wrong, they were right there. Because it was R.N.-monitored, I felt in very good hands.”

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