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How It Works

FirstHealth continues its tradition of excellence by introducing the Valve Clinic, the first multidisciplinary clinic of its kind in the region. At the Valve Clinic our expert cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists and other cardiac care specialists deliver the highest quality of heart care to patients with complex valve disorders. Some of these disorders may include:

At the heart of the Valve Clinic philosophy is the share care philosophy, which promotes building strong relationships between our patientsí own referring physicians and the Valve Clinic team. The Valve Clinic team works closely with referring physicians in the clinical decision-making and treatment plans to insure a smooth transition for patients as they go return to the care of their own physicians.

What to Expect
At the Valve Clinic you will meet with a team of cardiac experts, including cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists, who will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your best treatment plan. Once completed, you will receive assistance in managing disease progression and any necessary treatment when appropriate. Depending on the severity of your disease and other factors, treatment options may include:

  • Medical management
  • Valve repair
  • Valve replacement
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