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Genetics Testing for Weight Loss

Pathway Fit®

Pathway Fit®

Can your genes affect the way you respond to food and exercise? Science says yes.

In fact, a recent Stanford University study demonstrated that people who follow a genetically appropriate diet can achieve 2.5-fold improvement in weight loss and a 2-fold reduction of waist measurement compared to those who follow a genetically inappropriate diet.

With this in mind, the FirstHealth Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center is pleased to offer the Pathway Fit® genetic test. This cutting-edge test examines more than 75 genetic markers associated with diet, nutrition and exercise.

By analyzing your genetic code, along with answers to a lifestyle questionnaire, the Pathway Fit report gives you the power to help you understand your individual:

  • Metabolism
  • Eating behaviors
  • Response to exercise, as well as the best way to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle

This profile provides you with an individualized report with powerful information to help you understand how your genetics and lifestyle may affect your diet, nutrition and exercise. The report is like no other. It’s designed for your body, about your body.

With your genetic information, you are able to gain insights into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. You can also learn how your genes might affect how you perceive and desire specific foods, and how they may influence eating behaviors. What’s more, Pathway Fit screens for muscle potential and how your body responds to exercise, as well as your potential to maintain a healthy weight.

Start living smarter, not harder, with these key findings.

Contact the FirstHealth Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center today to schedule an appointment for your genetics test. Call toll-free at (800) 364-0499.

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